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Over the past year, 3500 babies were born into the British Jewish community. What kind of future can they look forward to? What kind community are their parents and grandparents building for them? How safe or anxious will they feel as the grow up? And how can they contribute to their own and wider society? Starring just some of those new)ba)bies this fundraising film for JW3 puts those questions front and centre. Because JW3 itself is at the heart of the British Jewish Community. If the audience were looking for a reason to support JW3, here were 3500 reasons to start with...

Written and Directed by Malcolm Green (
Camera - Tom Baker
Gaffer and More - Anthony Dias
Editor - Kamila Cwiklinska
Music - Ash Hanif
Voiceover - Sebastian Ungelson
Sound design and mix - Michalis Anthis
Assistant - Jack Green
Casting - Hayley and Ariella
Producer - Joe Elliot
Production - Burning Reel & Creep

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