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Lindbergh | The Tale of a Flying Mouse

A story of toil and triumph—inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight! These are dark times . . . for a small mouse. A new invention—the mechanical mousetrap—has caused all of the mice but one to flee to America, the land of the free. But with cats guarding the steamships, trans-Atlantic crossings are no longer safe. In the bleakest of places . . . the one remaining mouse has a brilliant idea. He must learn to fly! 
This is a test piece based on a section from the wonderful book by Torben Kuhlman 'Lindbergh'. 
Although it's only short, it's been a labour of love to bring it to the screen.


Direction: Keith Rogers
Animation: Steven Clibborn-Dyer
Modeling/Rigging: Keith Rogers
Lighting/Compositing: Marco Perendija & Keith Rogers
Effects: Keith Rogers & Cris Bore
Music & Sound Design : Michalis Anthis
Lindbergh's Voice: Lynsey Murrell

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